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Collecting bags is an art loved by all women. Different colours, different models, different brands, different seasons, there are at least a thousand reasons to add a new bag to our closets. For winter, the day purse and the night purse are the two kinds of purse that shouldn't be missing from our wardrobes. We have chosen for you some of the trendiest models that you won't help but love!

A nude tint along with the most traditional of colours, black, for the day: spacious enough to accommodate all that is deemed indispensable by the modern woman. Stylish tote bags, like Fendi's Eyes, iconic handbags like Gucci's Animalier or Stella McCartney's Falabella 3 with its chain equally at home in your hand or over your shoulder. All models that keep our mornings simple and stylish.

Fendi petit 2jours. Tote bag in black leather

Bella Hadid wearing Givenchy Lucrezia bag

To transform your look from day to night all you is the right bag. You can't go wrong whether it's with a clutch or a pochette and there are many precious models to choose from: From the jewelled Dolce & Gabbana bags to Saint Laurent's Love Heart shoulder bags and Alexander McQueen's Knucklebox, the night will shine with our choices, check them out now!

Alexander McQueen skull sequined box clutch

Jennifer Lopez wearing Jimmy Choo clutch