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Jeans were created by Jacob W. Davis, a tailor from Reno, Nevada, and Levi Strauss, a German immigrant who had moved to New York to catch up with his older brother who owned a haberdashery. Strauss sold, among numerous other things, a resistant cotton fabric that Davis ordered to sow robust working trousers for a client of his. To make these trousers indestructible, the tailor from Reno inserted copper rivets at the points most susceptible to wear and tear such as the pockets and zippers. Realizing their potential, he wrote Strauss proposing to patent these trousers and in 1873 they became partners, started a factory and began the production of jeans.

Sixty years on from its conception, the work attire became the symbol of youthful rebellion thanks to James Deana and Marlon Brando. It became such a symbol of revolt that it was banned from schools, theatres and restaurants. It'd have to wait till the end of the 60's and into the 70's to become accepted as an item of fashion.


In 1965, Limbo, a boutique in New York's East Village, was the first to sell a new pair of jeans that have been washed out to seem used and decorated them with patches. The idea was an instant hit.Despite their success, it wasn't until the Eighties that jeans made their debut on the catwalks which gave rise to “branded jeans”. The ties to their origins and their symbolic value were definitively cut in favour of models that were more eccentric, extravagant and excessive to the point of kitsch but nevertheless as essential as suits and skirts in men's and women's wardrobes.An example of denim’s fashion appeal is Dsquared2’s concept of alternative luxury, mixing tailored parts with other decidedly more casual elements.Moschino have offered their own take on ‘hardcore’ glamour denim this winter combining it with couture pieces and transforming their models to beautiful ‘gang girls’.With his eccentric aesthetic, Alessandro Michele has envisioned denim with more diversity and liquidity with regards to sexual identity, more nostalgic, vibrant and a fondness of mixing elements typical of street styles, all qualities that define Gucci’s entire new line.OFF-WHITE, Virgil Abloh’s high street brand, loves denim to the point of revisiting eleven iconic Levi’s models, conferring upon them a modern touch and that contemporary allure that is a signature of their jeans.And the examples go on and on, from Balmain to Valentino, Givenchy to Saint Laurent, all prestigious brands that have succeeded at imprinting their respective personalities to a garment that knows no gender or age. From a simple uniform to an iconic piece of clothing, jeans don’t lose their appeal even with the falling temperatures. Check out all we have to offer and enjoy choosing your winter denim!